Dunne & Calder

Construction Company, LLC


Making Homes Since 2003.

We've had the privilege to build homes in the Upper Valley for over 15 years. From the delicate house built in the 1800's to the modern net-zero loft, we've done it all. Check out our portfolio and give us a shout anytime.


Historic Homes

There is no shortage of beautiful old homes and barns in Vermont. We've had a lot of clients come to us in search of turning their ancient homes or barns into modern lifestyle masterpieces.   


New Homes

From imagination to physical completion, creating a home from the ground up is one of the most fulfilling feelings. We work closely with you and your architect to make your home, well, home.


Renovations and Remodels

Expansions, add-ons and fixer-uppers. We do it all. Give us a call today.


We stand by our service.